Most Holy Name of Mary Painting

IMG_6250 IMG_6253

We enjoyed our second week of homeschool with a Marian Craft for the Most Holy Name of Mary. My husband drew these pictures inspired by an old Catholic Holy Card. Then, we printed several on cardstock for the kids to paint! We used watercolors and white crayons. Painting is always fun with the little ones, and it seems to bring some relaxation to all of us after a stressful week (or weekend).

This second pictures shows the work done by #1 (6 years old), #2 (4 years old), and #3 (3 years old). It is always fun to see how the kids are progressing at their different ages!

Foreground and Background with Mixed Media

IMG_6241 This week is our first week of homeschool, and are learning about the Birth of Christ in Schola Rosa, Year II! For a history craft, we worked on painting a picture inspired by a painting we own of the three kings.

We discussed foreground and background. I gave them crayons for the background and acrylic paint for the foreground. #1 focused on the camel and two kings; while, #2 focused on the action of the camel itself. After they finished what the had deemed the “center pieces”, they turned their attention to the background, each with a different style. It is quite amazing to me that at these ages they do have such distinctive styles no matter what I teach them or how I teach them in art. IMG_6242